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Topic of the Month (Human Trafficking Prevention)

  • Jane Anderson, Senior Attorney Advisor with AEquitas, facilitated a conversation with Miiko Anderson, AEquitas’ newest Attorney Advisor and a former Fresno County (CA) prosecutor with extensive experience prosecuting human trafficking cases. Jane and Miiko discussed various strategies that can enhance prosecutions where judges may not have experience with cases involving sex or labor trafficking and where jurors may have misconceptions or misunderstandings about the reality of what human trafficking looks like in their community.

  • Why is it important to understand the role confidentiality plays among trusted partners? Understanding confidentiality and its scope is not only crucial for collaborative partners but also for human trafficking survivors. Delve into the intricate realm of confidentiality and its role in anti-human trafficking efforts. Gain invaluable insights into the laws, rules, and ethical constraints that govern partners and safeguard sensitive information from potential conflicts arising due to delayed or inadequate sharing. Learn how to navigate the challenges that can happen even among trusted partners.

  • The trucking, bus, and energy industries can play a significant role in the fight against human trafficking. Understanding how to partner with these industries can enhance human trafficking task force investigations, prosecutions, and the ability to identify victims.