Frequently Asked Questions

What is IACPlearn?

Who can use IACPlearn?

IACPlearn is open to both IACP members and non-members in the law enforcement profession. 

How much does it cost?

Price is attributed on a course-by-course basis. Some content is free, while other content must be purchased. The price for each course is listed on the gold button that says “Register.” All payments should be made using a credit card.

How do I create or log in to my account?

On the left sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the homepage, click on the Log In button. The system will take you to the IACP’s Community Hub Welcome Log In page. From there, enter your IACP member/customer account username and password and click Log In to access your IACPlearn account. The system will log you into your IACP account and route you back to the IACPlearn homepage. 

Newly created IACP accounts that are being accessed for the first time require authorization before customers will be able to access IACP platforms, including IACPlearn. Approval can take between 5-10 minutes. If you are unable to access your account after 1 business day, please contact Customer Support at

What are the IACPlearn system requirements?

A broadband connection or better is recommended to view products without excessive load times. Your internet connection must allow playing of video and audio. Some agencies will routinely block this access at the firewall. If the product does not load correctly, first make sure all of the required plug-ins are installed and updated, then contact your IT for a firewall exception. All major browsers updated to the most recent versions are supported (Google Chrome is preferred). For the best experience on IACPlearn, please make sure the Pop Up Blocker setting is disabled for this site.

What is included in the My Profile section? 

The My Profile section allows users to make changes to their IACPlearn profile information and interest categories. In this section, users can edit their password, time zone, and interest categories. Users are encouraged to input their interest level for each category to help personalize the site catalog and product listing based on the topics they are most interested in. From the My Profile “Click here to edit your profile” link, users can also edit their IACP account profile information.

How do I edit my profile?

Click on My Profile on the left sidebar menu to edit your IACPlearn profile information including password, time zone, and interest categories as well as edit your IACP account profile information. To edit your IACP account profile information, click on the ‘Click here to edit your profile’ link. Clicking that link will send you to your IACP account personal snapshot where you can edit your personal account information. 

How do I define my interests to ensure the most accurate recommendations are displayed under the "Recommended for You" section?

To define your interest areas, please visit the "My Interest Categories" section on the right-hand navigation under "My Profile."

What is the Catalog section?

The Catalog allows users to search for products by category (Community-Police Engagement, Ethics, Leadership, Victim Services, etc.), format (live or on-demand), and product type (General Education, Webinar, Training). Users can also sort the catalog by date added to IACPlearn, alphabetically by title, and by selected interest categories. Users can select the categories they are most interested in by going to the My Profile section and adjusting the ‘Interest Categories’ selections on the right-hand side of the page. 

How do I access content?

Content can be accessed through the search function below the sidebar menu or through the catalog option listed in the left sidebar menu. In the catalog and search function, you can search for content by product type, such as webinar, training, or general education. You can also search for content by category, such as community-police relations, victim services, or leadership.

How do I search and register for content?

You can search for content through the Catalog function or the site search included on the sidebar menu. You can search by specific categories or content types. To register, create an account or log into your existing IACP account. Once you have logged into your account, click on the register button associated with the product you would like to register for and complete the registration process. Once you submit your registration and see your receipt, you can navigate back to the product by clicking on the link under "View your course on IACPlearn using the below link." 

Please complete the registration process for one product at a time to help ensure the registration is successful.

What does it mean if you are not eligible for a product?

There may be times when you are unable to register for a product because the registration button says, “You Are Not Eligible.” Some IACPlearn products require greater levels of authorization and may require that the viewer is an IACP member, a sworn law enforcement officer, or both. If you think that there is a mistake with your authorization levels and you should be able to access a product that you cannot (for example, you are trying to access a sworn law enforcement-only course and cannot), please contact Customer Support at

What is included in the Podcast section?

The Podcast section includes all available episodes of the Serve. Protect. Lead. IACP Podcast. On this page, users can listen to each podcast and subscribe to the IACP podcast wherever they listen to podcasts via an RSS feed URL link. 

What is the My Dashboard section?

The My Dashboard section displays any products purchased or registered for. Users can search through the list of products they purchased or registered for by format, status, certificate, or by product type. If a product includes a certificate received upon completion, the certificate will be available for download from this section. The course transcript that lists out all completed products can be downloaded as PDF file from the Course Transcript/Achievements page within the My Dashboard section.

Will I receive credit for completing products?

Conference workshops, general education, webinars, and training products with at least a half hour of content will afford users a 0.5:0.5 ratio of IACP Credit Hours on their IACPlearn Transcript. For example, if a user completes a 1.5-hour webinar, they will be granted 1.5 IACP Credit Hours for completing that course and it will appear on their IACPlearn Transcript. The IACPlearn Transcript is available under the “My Dashboard” section listed on the left sidebar menu. 

What content offers certificates?

IACPlearn products, excluding podcasts, with at least a half hour of content offers users a certificate of attendance. Additionally, select IACP training courses offers attendees the opportunity to receive specific course certificates upon successful completion of all training components and demonstration of knowledge learned. This certificate can be used to apply for credit with state POST agencies, higher education institutions, and more. 

Where can I see my certificates?

All certificates for eligible IACPlearn products are available under "My Dashboard" listed on the left sidebar menu.

Need more help? 

If you have additional questions about IACPlearn, please contact Customer Support at