You Don't Know What You Don't Know: The Importance of Peer Support for Law Enforcement Leaders in the Wake of Incidents of Mass Violence

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Mass violence incidents present unique challenges to law enforcement leaders facing one of these events for the first time. Regardless of how much planning and preparation agencies do ahead of time, the reality is far different. In this workshop, representatives from the IACP's Mass Violence Advisory Initiative discuss the mass violence incidents that affected their agencies and communities and the unanticipated challenges they faced, both in the immediate aftermath of the event, and in the following months. These experts share lessons learned and discuss specific ways their ability to lead in the aftermath of one of these incidents would have been enhanced if they had the guidance of someone who had been through a similar experience. As our experts repeatedly tell us about these incidents, "We didn't know what we didn't know." Also during this workshop, we will introduce the concept of the Mass Violence Peer-to-Peer Advisory Team and share its mission, purpose, and unique value, including how this no-cost service addresses agency, victim, community, and survivors? mental wellbeing as they work to heal following a traumatic mass violence event.

  • Describe the unique factors and conditions that make incidents of mass violence a challenge for law enforcement leaders.
  • Discuss the needs communities have as they strive to heal following an incident of mass violence.
  • Discuss the Mass Violent Peer-to-Peer Advisory Team, its components, and its value to law enforcement and communities following an incident of mass violence.


You Don't Know What Don't Know Recording
Recorded 07/22/2022
Recorded 07/22/2022