Trauma Informed Leadership

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Law enforcement professionals are exposed to very high levels of trauma, uniquely different from what people outside the profession experience. Attendees will learn how trauma impacts police work, how officers and their families are affected by trauma, and how to become a trauma-informed leader. Learn how leaders can inadvertently worsen or aggravate trauma within their ranks, and how they can serve as trauma-informed change agents, help save the lives of officers, and lead the way towards healing and post-traumatic growth. Attendees are provided solution-focused roadmaps for trauma-informed police leadership, including how trauma-informed leadership is a vital source of strength, stability, and support during extremely difficult and challenging times.

  • Describe three key features of strong trauma-informed leadership for law enforcement professionals.
  • Identify three key pitfalls to avoid in trauma-informed police leadership.
  • Understand the impact of trauma on police and how to transform that impact into opportunities for growth.

Neil Gang

Chief of Police

Pinole, California, Police Department

Police Chief Neil H. Gang has served in law enforcement for over 32 years and has been the Chief of Police for the Pinole Police Department since 2014. He is the Chair of the California Police Chiefs Association Officer Wellness and Resiliency Committee, the author of the Asher Model-7 Point Approach to a Culture of Wellness, the host of the 6th Pillar Podcast and was named Public Safety Hero of the Year by the House of representatives in 2020.

His innovative work as a law enforcement leader has been featured by the IACP in Police Chief magazine. He is the graduate of the prestigious Northwestern School of Police Staff Command, where he was both the president of the class and the recipient of the Franklin M. Kremel Award for excellence in the field of leadership.

David Black,

CEO and Chief Psychologist


Dr. David Black is the Founder and CEO of CORDICO, serving hundreds of law enforcement agencies nationally. He is the Chief Psychologist of the California Police Chiefs Association Wellness Committee, and a Founding Board Member of the National Sheriffs Association Psychological Services Group. Dr. Black is also an Advisory Board Member for the National Police Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies, serves on the IACP Police Psychological Services Ethics Committee, serves on the National Fraternal Order of Police Officer Wellness Committee and Provider Evaluation Subcomittee, and is an Officer Wellness subject matter expert for the California Commission on POST. Dr. Black has been serving law enforcement since 2002.


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