Mental Wellness Begins at Home

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Presentation Description: Officers cannot just "turn it off" when they arrive home to their families. It can be difficult for officers to not bring the work home, where their experiences can negatively impact their personal lives. On the flip side, home life can spill over and negatively impact an officer at work. The challenges of finding a balance are not new - however, if law enforcement families work on a plan to find a balance and protect their home life, it will help to strengthen family and officer wellbeing. In this session, learn the five elements that every law enforcement family needs to know to counter the effect of the spillover which impacts a couple's communication, connection, and intimacy - essential parts of a healthy relationship.

  • Identify elements of classical conditioning that spill over from officer training and potentially negatively impact communication and connection in relationships and at home.
  • Detect elements of spillover in connection and communication in a law enforcement relationship, including behavioral conditioning and negative narratives.
  • Apply methods to educate officers and supportive partners on the spillover and positive impact of connection and communication, creating the possibility for greater officer safety.


Mental Wellness Begins at Home
Recorded 02/21/2024  |  60 minutes
Recorded 02/21/2024  |  60 minutes