What to Say to those Considering Suicide

Presentation Description: This presentation will focus on what a suicidal person thinks and feels, to allow for a peer to emotionally validate them. Most importantly, this presentation will tell attendees how to identify suicidal ideations, intents, and plans and, regardless of your role, how to convey to the suicidal individual that they should be addressing these thoughts. Furthermore, discussing what the suicidal individual should do and what a peer should tell the suicidal individual to do. The presenter will model what to say and how to say it.

  • to articulate how suicidal persons should view their suicidal thoughts, and how you should tell them to view their suicidal thoughts
  • to identify 3 immediate and evidenced-based skills that a suicidal person can implement when acute distress spikes
  • to identify 3 things you can say to emotionally validate the suicidal person

Stephanie Barone McKenny, PhD

Police Psychologist, Los Angeles, California, Police Department

Dr. Stephanie Barone McKenny is an LAPD police psychologist who provides consultation to several elite units including SWAT, Air Support Division, and undercover agents. She has worked with law enforcement personnel at the international, national, state, county, and local levels.  Dr. McKenny is also a Diplomate in Sports Psychology, a Nationally Certified Sports Psychologist, a Certified Trauma Professional, and she is Certified in Integrative Medicine for holistic health (mind-body-spirit).  


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