Untangling Survivor Engagement: Promoting Comprehensive Collaboration

Effective collaboration with experts who have lived experience contributes to a sustainable community-wide response to human trafficking. The discussion will focus on how survivors can help in navigating tough conversations, as well as creating space for shared learning across multidisciplinary teams. 

Target Audience: Law enforcement, prosecutors, victim service providers, and multidisciplinary anti-human trafficking task forces

Overall Objectives: This webinar will help participants to: articulate the historical context of survivor involvement in the anti-human trafficking movement over the last 20 years and how it has improved the response to trafficking; assess their anti-human trafficking task force’s existing involvement with survivors; expand roles and expectations for multidisciplinary approaches that include partners with lived experience; and implement effective strategies with partners who have lived experience to build and maintain a successful community response to human trafficking.

Project Funding Provided By: This product is supported by the International Association of Chiefs of Police under 2020-VT-BX-K002 awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this product are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Includes: A webinar presented by: Aubrey Lloyd, LCSW, Senior Project Manager, ICF; Caridad Mas-Batchelor, Special Projects Administrator, Miami-Dade Police Department, Task Force Coordinator, South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force; and Alicia Alcaraz, Project Coordinator, IACP (Moderator) 

To learn more about IACP’s anti-human trafficking resources, go to the https://www.theiacp.org/projec... .

Aubrey Lloyd, MSW, LCSW

Senior Project Manager


Aubrey Lloyd is a Senior Project Manager overseeing work specific to human trafficking at ICF. She has 21 years of nonprofit experience working with populations affected by domestic violence, substance use, mental health, and complex and historical trauma. This experience focused on delivering training; creating and maintaining community partnerships, trauma informed programs, and curricula; and directing programs. For the past 14 years, she has designed and implemented programs for multidisciplinary teams and nongovernmental and community-based organizations using her subject matter expertise in: human trafficking; trauma-informed victim assistance programming; the connection between other crime and vulnerability sectors such as addiction, interpersonal violence, housing insecurities; and early childhood adverse conditions and the impact on developmental trauma.

Ms. Lloyd has worked at the state level to coordinate identification and service delivery for victims, as well as developing a state-accredited, trauma-informed educational curriculum and trauma-informed group home model structure for minor victims of human trafficking. She has used this knowledge with hundreds of grantees funded through the Department of Justice, to formulate foundations for effective and sustainable human trafficking programming, utilize data to craft evaluative and evidence-based interventions, provide subject matter expertise in maintaining multi-disciplinary partnerships, and guidance to cement the importance of trauma-informed and implemented service practices. Ms. Lloyd also brings the invaluable perspective of a survivor-advocate

Caridad Mas-Batchelor, LL.M

Task Force Coordinator

South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force

Caridad Mas-Batchelor is a Special Projects Administrator for Miami-Dade Police Department. Under this role, Ms. Mas-Batchelor serves as the Task Force Coordinator for the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force. In her role as Task Force Coordinator, Ms. Mas-Batchelor oversees the over 400-member task force federally funded by the Office for Victims of Crime. Ms. Mas-Batchelor provides training and conducts outreach to increase awareness and identification of human trafficking survivors. Ms. Mas-Batchelor has also provided national and international technical assistance to other Task Forces and to international leaders from Albania, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Central African Republic, Japan, Mexico, and Spain.

Currently, Ms. Mas- Batchelor is also a Task Force Personnel with Homeland Security Investigations’ (HSI) Human Trafficking Group based out of Miami. She provides on-going support to the HSI Human Trafficking Group as it pertains to victim-centered best practices. She also serves as a liaison between federal and local law enforcement. Previously, she served as the Interim Deputy Director for the International Rescue Committee Miami office. Caridad holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University and a Master’s in Law in Intercultural Human Rights from St. Thomas University School of Law

Alicia Alcaraz (Moderator)

Project Coordinator


Alicia Alcaraz is a Project Coordinator on the Programs team of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), where she currently works on the OVC Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Human Trafficking Task Force Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Program to support the needs of ECM anti-human trafficking task forces. She is also the community manager for Task Force Connect, the online peer-to-peer sharing community exclusively for DOJ-funded ECM Human Trafficking Task Forces.

Before joining the IACP, Ms. Alcaraz served as a Hotline Advocate at Polaris’s National Human Trafficking Hotline. In that role, she provided support to multiple persons who were labor and sex trafficked and their families and friends. She also worked with partnering organizations (such as local service providers and law enforcement) to assist persons who have been labor and sex trafficked. Before that, Ms. Alcaraz studied Psychology and Global Service at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, IN. Since high school, she has had a passion for helping persons who have been labor and sex trafficked.


Recorded 03/16/2022  |   Closed captions available
Recorded 03/16/2022  |   Closed captions available
Participant Evaluation—Untangling Survivor Engagement: Promoting Comprehensive Collaboration
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