Public Health Approach to Improve Law Enforcement Outcomes: Lessons from Veteran Suicide Prevention

Presentation Description: Suicide is a significant public health problem and eliminating veteran suicide is a top Veterans Affairs (VA) priority. The VA has many initiatives that target veterans who are in high-risk populations, to include law enforcement. Many officers who are military veterans are at higher risk for suicide due to multiple identities and other factors. The VA Suicide Prevention Office has partnered with the VA Police Service to address officer health and wellness. Improving officer safety and wellness starts with leadership and organizational culture change, as well as encouragement to seek out and receive help. With this focus, law enforcement can improve outcomes in their approaches to responding to those who are having a mental health crisis.

  • Upon completion, participants will describe what the VA is currently doing to identify suicide prevention as a public health crisis and eliminating suicide among Veterans, many who are in law enforcement positions.
  • Upon completion, participants will understand what and how the VA is working to improve outcomes when responding to Veterans having a mental health crisis.
  • Upon completion, participants will learn strategies for improving organizational culture to better address officer safety and wellness.


Recorded 02/26/2024  |  60 minutes
Recorded 02/26/2024  |  60 minutes