Law Enforcement Rapid DNA: Use, Arrestee Pilots, Policies, and Implementation

This conference workshop presentation provides information about State and Federal Rapid DNA (R-DNA) Booking Station Pilots (CODIS application), an overview of the FBI's Booking Station Standards and National Booking Station Procedures outlined in the Rapid DNA Act, and crime scene Rapid DNA use (non-CODIS application). The panel is moderated by Thomas Callaghan, FBI Laboratory Division Chief Biometric Scientist and IACP Forensic Science Committee member. There is also a presentation on the FBI's Crime Scene Rapid DNA Task Force that was established in 2018. The presentation concludes with a discussion on policy, best practices, and steps forward in Rapid DNA technology by law enforcement.

Thomas Callaghan

Chief Biometrics Scientist, FBI Lab Division

Thomas F. Callaghan is the Chief Biometric Scientist for the FBI Laboratory's Biometric Analysis Section and is the FBI senior DNA advisor for human identification. Dr. Callaghan has served as Chairman of the National DNA Index System Procedures Board and as a member of Interpol's DNA Monitoring Experts Group, the G8 Law Enforcement DNA Technical Working Group and the National District Attorneys Association - DNA Advisory Board. He has over 35 years of DNA analysis experience and began his forensic career as a DNA Examiner with the Pennsylvania State Police. Tom received his Doctorate in Molecular Biology from Case Western Reserve University. As a member of the FBI DNA Analysis Unit, he was involved in the analysis of hundreds of homicide and rape cases. In 2003, Tom became the first CODIS Unit Chief and has been involved with the CODIS Program for over 25 years. Dr. Callaghan managed the FBI's Rapid DNA Program Office for eight years and serves as chairman of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Advisory Policy Board's Rapid DNA Task Force. Dr. Callaghan currently represents the FBI on the Forensic Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Method.

Douglas Hares

Rapid DNA Implementation Program Advisor, FBI Lab Division

Douglas Hares is the Rapid DNA Implementation Program Advisor for the FBI's Biometric Analysis Section.  He joined the DNA Analysis Unit II of the FBI Laboratory in 2000 as a Forensic Examiner.  In 2006, Dr. Hares transferred to the CODIS Unit where he managed the National DNA Database for over 13 years.   


Law Enforcement Rapid DNA: Use, Arrestee Pilots, Policies, and Implementation Conference Workshop Presentation
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Open to view video.
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1.00 IACP Credit Hours credit  |  Certificate available