Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services (LEV) Video Series

Target Audience: Law enforcement leaders, law enforcement-based victim services supervisors, law enforcement-based victim services personnel

Project Funing Provided By: Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)

Includes: A 3-part video series intended to help agency leaders, personnel, partners, and stakeholders learn more about the purpose and benefits of incorporating law enforcement-based victim services into overall agency victim response.

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Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services (LEV) Webinar Series


Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services: An Overview
Recorded 01/18/2023  |  10 minutes
Recorded 01/18/2023  |  10 minutes Provides a high-level overview of key elements of law enforcement-based victim services
Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services: Key Considerations
Recorded 01/18/2023  |  8 minutes
Recorded 01/18/2023  |  8 minutes Discusses what agencies should consider when developing, sustaining, and growing law enforcement-based victim services
Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services: Agency Incorporation
Recorded 01/18/2023  |  6 minutes
Recorded 01/18/2023  |  6 minutes Guides agencies in effectively incorporating victim services into the law enforcement agency’s overall response to crime victims