IACP Women's Leadership Institute: May - July 2021

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The IACP Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) is a leadership training program for female leaders and those developing female leaders. The curriculum is focused on teaching participants evidence-informed leadership theories to help them inspire followers, lead groups, and achieve organizational goals—all in the context of better understanding the unique challenges women face in the workplace. 

Spanning nine weeks in duration, this course consists of two virtual live events a week led by IACP-certified instructors, at-home assignments to support learning application efforts, and virtual (and optional) social events to facilitate participant networking throughout the nine weeks.

Note on Course Participation: In addition to the two live events that will take place per week, participants are expected to do work outside of class on homework assignments and group projects. The estimated time per week spent on activities outside of live events is two to three hours. Further, participants must attend 12 out of 16 live events in order to receive their certificates of completion.

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