Essential Strategies for Building Employee Trust

This conference workshop presentation shows viewers how to earn and build individual employee trust. Misunderstandings, communication failures and worsening morale and performance are common problems. The simple answer is to find a way to build more employee trust. It is simple, but simple is not necessarily easy. The presentation includes numerous practical trust building strategies that are specifically designed to improve communication, accountability, morale, and performance. Viewers are given the practical tools they need to help create a work environment where employees feel their supervisors care about them, where they feel they are treated with respect and dignity, and where they look forward to coming to work.

Ronald Glidden

Chief (Retired), Lee, Massachusetts, Police Department

Ron Glidden is a nationally recognized authority on employee performance issues. Since 2011, he has worked with law enforcement leadership teams throughout the country to help them develop strategies to improve employee performance. He provides practical solutions to common employee problems with the goal of improving employee commitment to their organization, their mission, and the people they serve. Ron is a retired police chief with over 26 years of law enforcement experience (the last 17 as chief), and has a master's degree in criminal justice. He has also authored six books including his latest leadership book: Workplace Gold. Ron is also the author of the series called 'Bulletproof Leadership Tips' emailed each week to his subscriber list. Ron delivers his message with a good dose of humor while providing his audiences with leadership strategies that really work to help improve employee morale, accountability, and performance.


Essential Strategies for Building Employee Trust Conference Workshop Presentation
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1.00 IACP Credit Hours credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 IACP Credit Hours credit  |  Certificate available